Lab Coordinator

Ioannis Vogiatzakis

I am Professor of Environmental Conservation at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC). Before coming to OUC I held positions and developed research and teaching activities at the Universities of Reading (England), Cagliari (Italy) and Ioannina (Greece). I have been a research associate of the CIHEAM- MAICh and consultant for international organizations UNEP PAP / RAC and UNIDO. I hold a doctorate in Physical Geography, MSc in Vegetation Ecology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Academic Practice from the University of Reading, and BSc Forestry degree from the Technological Institute of Education of Kavala, Greece. I am a member of the Royal Geographical Society, the British Ecological Society, the International Association of Landscape Ecology, and the International Association of Vegetation Science. My research interests include the biogeography and landscape processes in Mediterranean islands and mountains, the use of geospatial tools on species, habitats and ecosystem services analysis, landscape ecology and landscape evaluation, and systematic conservation planning. My research has been funded by the EC 6th and 7th FP, H2020, LIFE+, INTERREG, ENPI-CBCMED programmes and Ministries and Government agencies in the UK

Research Associates

Vassilis LItskas

My background is Agronomy, Agr. Engineering, Water & Soil Resources Management, Ecology and Environmental Protection. I work as a researcher in the TEM lab at Open Un. Cyprus, in the ERASMUS+ projects EnVeROS & WASEC (2018-2020). My research interests are Env. Footprints, Env. Protection, Water & Soil Res. Mngmt, Climate Change & Agriculture and Ecosystem Services. I have participated in 11 research projects under these topics (2006-today) and I have been involved in the submission of many scientific proposals under these topics. I am a teaching scientist in UOC, Civil&Env Engineering and CUT, Agr. Sci., Biotech. & Food Sci. I also have worked a researcher (2015-2018) at Sust. Agr. Group, Cyprus Un. of Technology (CUT) and NIREAS IWRC (Un of Cyprus, UOC; 2013-2015). I teach Agrometeorology, Hydrology, Ag. Machinery, Env. Impact Assessment, Solid Waste Mngmt and Water Res. Mngmt in undergraduate students.  I have 15 scientific papers with a h-index 7 and >20 presentations in int. conferences

Dimitrios Sarris
Dimitrios Sarris

I am currently employed as an Adjunct Faculty Tutor at the OUC Environmental Conservation and Management Postgraduate Program, where I teach Natural Resources Management. My previous position was Assistant Professor-Academic Visitor at the Dept of Biological Sciences, University of Cyprus (CY). During the last 5 years I have taught (among other) Plant Ecology, Botany, Biodiversity, and Environmental Science at academic institutions of Greece and Cyprus. My PhD was in the field of Dendroecology-Dendroclimatology at the Dept of Biology, Univ. of Patras (GR) and the Inst. of Botany, Univ. Basel (CH). I am engaged in research work teaming up with scientists from Switzerland, USA, Israel, France, Italy, Cyprus and Greece focusing mainly on climatic change impacts on forests, the adaption capacities of Mediterranean tree species to drought and eco-physiological mechanisms related to tree mortality (stable isotope investigations included). I am also interested in the interactions between climate, vegetation and wildfires and in climatic reconstruction via tree-rings. Since 2003 I have participated in 12 National and International research programs, made announcements at 13 International Conferences, while the publications I participated as an author or co-author have been cited more than 170 times (Google Scholar; since 2005). My activities also include paper reviewing for a number of highly ranked scientific journals: Global Change Biology (Wiley), European J. of Forest Research, Ecosystems (Springer), Climatic Change (Springer), Journal of Hydrology (Elsevier), Journal of Biogeography (Wiley)

Savvas Zotos

Savvas holds a Ph.D. in Herpetology (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens - NKUA, Department of Zoology - Marine Biology, 2006-2014) entitled “Ecology and behavior of the lizard Acanthodactylus schreiberi in a dune ecosystem in Cyprus” and a Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Biology (NKUA, 1999-2004). After the acquisition of his Bachelor he worked for a period in BirdLife Cyprus (NGO) and the Cyprus Center of Environmental Research and Education as a researcher/educator while for the period 2009-2014 he was a research associate of the Nature Conservation Unit of Frederick University.  During the period 2014-2016 he worked at the Open University of Cyprus and then until 2017 at the Cyprus University of Technology as assistant project manager of the European project AgroLIFE, evaluating actions and methodologies for the management of High Nature Value farmlands in Cyprus.

Thus far, he has participated in 10 research projects where his main research duties were in the field of nature and reptiles monitoring and conservation. He has participated in various international scientific conferences concerning zoology and herpetology where he presented his research work. Starting November 2017 he has been working at the Cyprus Conservation Foundation, Terra Cypria while he continues his collaboration with Terrestrial Ecosystem Management Lab as a research associate.

Paraskevi (Skevi) Manolaki

Skevi holds a Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology (University of Patras, Department of Plant Ecology) entitled “Ecological assessment of Acheron and Louros river, W. Greece and their catchment area using aquatic macrophytes as biological indicators”, and a Bachelor (B.Sc.) in Biology (University of Patras). Her research interests involve freshwater ecology and management including functional aspects of river communities, evaluation of ecological quality, dynamics of aquatic and riparian vegetation, landscape ecology, human activities and change detection analysis, effects of global changes on aquatic ecosystems. She worked as a member of the scientific team of Plant Ecology (Patras University) from 2005-2013 and in 2014, she was awarded a two-year post-doctoral position at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC).  Since 2005 she has participated in 6 research projects where her main research field was the assessment of the ecological quality of freshwater ecosystems as demanded by the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD). Her research has focused on the development of an evaluation system for the ecological quality of rivers in Mediterranean countries using aquatic macrophytes as Biological Quality Elements. She participated in the Mediterranean Intercalibration Process (2006-2011) for rivers as a macrophyte expert for Cyprus and Greece collaborating with scientists from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain. She has also been involved as a macrophytes expert on the determination of the evaluation criteria of the ecological status on temporary salt lakes (Larnaca salt lake complex). She is a co-author of 13 scientific journal articles and she has presented her work at 11 International and 5 National Conferences.  She is currently an AIAS-COFUND (Marie Curie) Postdoctoral Fellow, Aarhus Advanced Institute of Advanced Science, AIAS, Aarhus University, Denmark and her project focuses on the effects of global changes on river ecosystem functioning aiming to understand the underlying mechanisms of multiple stressors applied in rivers, using aquatic plant traits.

PhD Students

Nicolaos Kassinis

I am head of the research and mouflon conservation sector of the Game and Wildlife Service, Cyprus.  I also have duties regarding EU issues including reporting for nature Directives,  implementing LIFE-funded and other EU co-funded conservation projects. I hold a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MSc in Range and wildlife Management. from Texas A&M University-Kingsville, USA. Sectors of specialization: Wildlife Ecology and management, Plant and Soil science, Biometrics.

Further Training

Government of Israel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for International Cooperation. 

Social, Economic and Political Challenges in Nature Conservation (January-February 2002)

Cyprus-America scholarship program

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Texas.  Reintroduction of Desert Bighorn sheep in its historical habitat of west Texas.

February –March 2003.

My professional and research experience includes: Mouflon population monitoring, Monitoring of breeding raptors, Population counts and trends for game species and common birds, Waterbird counts, Biological rodent control through establishment of a network of nesting boxes for Barn Owls, cooperation with the Veterinary Services for establishing cause of death for wildlife found dead.  

Selected publications:

Several scientific articles and conference papers published (available upon request).

Elena Konstantinou

I work as a Biology teacher in secondary education. I hold an MSc in Environmental Conservation and Management from the Open University of Cyprus and a BSc in Biology from the University of Athens. My MSc thesis was on the interactions of Ziziphus lotus with neighbouring plants and currently continue along the same line studying the ecology and distribution of Ziziphus lotus in Cyprus

Phanis Koumpis

I was born in Athens in 1973 and graduated from the Integrated Comprehensive Lykeion of Athens in 1991. In 1997 I graduated from the Department of Forestry of the Technological Educational Institute of Kavala, where I focused on the exploitation of geoinformatics technologies us a tool in forest management and  wildlife biology. After completing military service in Greek Army Navy in 1999, I worked at Intrasoft S.A. & Intracom S.A. (Athens) in the field of automated cartography/facilities management (AM/FM GIS) of land telecommunication networks. In 2002 I left the private sector and since then I have been working in local government on environmental issues, civil protection, waste management, environmental protection and local development aspects. In 2017 I graduated from the  Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences of the Open University of Cyprus, where I received a postgraduate degree in Environmental Conservation and Management. The subject of my postgraduate dissertation was the spatial analysis of ecosystem services in Cyprus.
My professional interests are environmental and social monitoring and analysis of geographic space utilizing remote sensing data and geoinformatics tools, while at the research level I am interested in the spatial analysis of the relationship between society and the environment with emphasis on the ecological dimension and the two-way flows of cost and benefits between physical and social systems.

Stalo Leontiou

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Aegean in 2010. My bachelor thesis was the application of the Optimum Multiparameter Analysis in the Mediterranean Basin. It concerned the estimation of the percentages of the main Mediterranean water masses, contained in a sample of water. Furthermore, using a combination of the Redfield ratios and oxygen utilization rate, I was able to calculate the water masses’ ages under investigation. Part of the results were presented at the CIESM Congress in 2013. I obtained a Master’s degree in Integrated Climate System Sciences from the University of Hamburg in 2013. My research topic was the Integrated Assessment of Enhanced Weathering Geoengineering Technique. It concerned the application of a Carbon Dioxide Removal technology, and particularly the spread of ground mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks over agricultural soils (rainfed or irrigated) and rainforests.
Since September 2017 I am a PhD candidate in the department of Environmental Conservation and Management of the Open University of Cyprus. My research interests include, impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems, enhancement of marine protected areas networks and land-sea-atmosphere interactions.

Sotiroula Ioannidou

PhD topic: Investigation of the interactions of farming practices and agro-ecosystem services, using environmental indicators in conventional and organic deciduous tree crops systems

Research interests:

  • Investigation and evaluation of phenological, morphological and productive characteristics in deciduous fruit trees.

  • Modern farming systems and agricultural practices for deciduous fruit trees.

  • Rating Cherry varieties (Prunus avium L.)

  • Ex situ evaluation of local clones of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)

  • Integrated Fruit Production-Sustainable Arboriculture.

Athina Papatheodoulou

PhD topic: Ecology of intermittent rivers in Cyprus


I have completed my degree in Biology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and my Master in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Brighton. I work as Ecologist at I.A.CO Environmental and Water Consultants Ltd. My research interests falls in the fields of monitoring and assessment of aquatic ecosystems, with the use of bio-indicators. I have been involved in the development of the Landscape Character Assessment map of Cyprus and the national inventory of the wetlands of the island. I am also very keen in studying and mapping flora and habitats and teaching non-conventional, outdoor environmental education.vices, using environmental indicators in conventional and organic deciduous tree crops systems

Athanasia Mandoulaki

I am an Agronomist by training. I have completed my Degree (B.Sc) in the Department of Plant Protection at the School of Agriculture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I hold a Master of Science Degree on Ecology, Management and Conservation of Natural Environment of the Department of Biology, University of Patras. Currently, I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science in Cyprus University of Technology. The last five years, I have been involved in three EC funded projects, a) the FP7 CO-FREE (, b) the LIFE+ CONOPS ( and c) the AgroLIFE ( projects that were focused on a) the development of novel alternative compounds and innovative methods to control plant diseases and b) the development of integrated management plans for the effective and environmental friendly control of the invasive mosquito species spread and establishment across Europe and c) the promotion, protection and enhancement of biodiversity in High Nature Value farmlands (vineyards and carob groves) in Cyprus. I have gained experience on the Mediterranean vineyard agro-ecosystems, on the protection of grapevines from fungal pathogens and harmful insects and on the development of strategies of low input and organic farming focused on the protection of environment and the biodiversity conservation. In addition, I have also gained knowledge on issues related to invasive mosquito species in Europe and Greece due to climate change, the evaluation of the efficacy of new natural repellents and on public health issues related to diseases transmitted by these vectors. My research interests include the study of agro-ecosystems and biodiversity focusing mainly on Mediterranean High Nature Value farmlands (HNVf) and their relevant ecological and management features, sustainable crop protection, and the development of strategies for low input and organic farming.

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