Elli Tzirkalli

Research associate

About me

Currently I am working as a researcher in the TEM lab at the OUC, in the project ECOWINERY «Eco-innovation for the production of low environmental footprint wine» (2019-2021). I hold a BSc in Environmental and Natural Resources Management from Ioannina University and an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford, United Kingdom. My PhD is in the field of Biodiversity Conservation at the Department of Biological Applications & Technology (Biodiversity Conservation Lab), University of Ioannina. I have participated in various research and monitoring programs in Greece and Cyprus concerning flora and fauna protection (2005-present) and I am the co-chair of the Cyprus Butterfly Study Group (2012-present) and a member of the IUCN SSC Grasshopper Specialist group (2013-present).  My research interest focuses in exploring patterns and drivers of biodiversity, investigating the impacts of climate change on species distribution, community ecology of terrestrial invertebrates (butterflies and grasshoppers), and mountain biodiversity. I have presented my research work at international and national conferences (>10) and in international peer-reviewed journals (10 papers, 2 books, 3 book chapters).  

Key publications

​Tzirkalli, E., Kadis, C., Halley, J.M., Vogiatzakis, I., Wilson, R.J., Zografou, K., Antoniou, A., Tsintides, T., Makris, C., Kati, V., 2019. Conservation ecology of butterflies in Cyprus in the context of Natura 2000. Biodiversity and Conservation. 28(7), 1759-1782.

Maes, D., Verovnik, R., Wiemers, M., …, Tzirkalli, E. et al. (2019) Integrating national Red Lists for prioritising conservation actions for European butterflies. Journal of Insect Conservation. 23: 301-330.