Phanis Koumpis

PhD student

About me

I was born in Athens in 1973 and graduated from the Integrated Comprehensive Lykeion of Athens in 1991. In 1997 I graduated from the Department of Forestry of the Technological Educational Institute of Kavala, where I focused on the exploitation of geoinformatics technologies us a tool in forest management and  wildlife biology. After completing military service in Greek Army Navy in 1999, I worked at Intrasoft S.A. & Intracom S.A. (Athens) in the field of automated cartography/facilities management (AM/FM GIS) of land telecommunication networks. In 2002 I left the private sector and since then I have been working in local government on environmental issues, civil protection, waste management, environmental protection and local development aspects. In 2017 I graduated from the  Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences of the Open University of Cyprus, where I received a postgraduate degree in Environmental Conservation and Management. The subject of my postgraduate dissertation was the spatial analysis of ecosystem services in Cyprus.
My professional interests are environmental and social monitoring and analysis of geographic space utilizing remote sensing data and geoinformatics tools, while at the research level I am interested in the spatial analysis of the relationship between society and the environment with emphasis on the ecological dimension and the two-way flows of cost and benefits between physical and social systems.