Stalo Leontiou

PhD student

About me

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Sciences from the University of Aegean in 2010. My bachelor thesis was the application of the Optimum Multiparameter Analysis in the Mediterranean Basin. It concerned the estimation of the percentages of the main Mediterranean water masses, contained in a sample of water. Furthermore, using a combination of the Redfield ratios and oxygen utilization rate, I was able to calculate the water masses’ ages under investigation. Part of the results were presented at the CIESM Congress in 2013. I obtained a Master’s degree in Integrated Climate System Sciences from the University of Hamburg in 2013. My research topic was the Integrated Assessment of Enhanced Weathering Geoengineering Technique. It concerned the application of a Carbon Dioxide Removal technology, and particularly the spread of ground mafic and ultramafic igneous rocks over agricultural soils (rainfed or irrigated) and rainforests.
Since September 2017 I am a PhD candidate in the department of Environmental Conservation and Management of the Open University of Cyprus. My research interests include, impacts of climate change on natural ecosystems, enhancement of marine protected areas networks and land-sea-atmosphere interactions.

Key Publications

Peyton, J. M., Martinou, A. F., Adriaens, T., Chartosia, N., Karachle, P. K., Rabitsch, W., ... & Roy, H. E. (2020). Horizon scanning to predict and prioritize invasive alien species with the potential to threaten human health and economies on Cyprus. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 8, 284.

Vogiatzakis, I.N., Litskas, V.D., Koumpis, T., Kassinis, N., Constantinou, E. and Leontiou, S., 2020. The past, present and future of nature conservation in Crete and Cyprus: So close and yet so far. Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, 8, p.100070.