Dr. Ioannis Vogiatzakis

Lab Coordinator

About me

I am Professor of Environmental Conservation at the Open University of Cyprus (OUC).  Over the years I held positions and developed research and teaching activities at the Universities of Reading (England), Cagliari, Bologna, Milano-Bicocca (Italy) and Ioannina (Greece). I have been a research associate of the CIHEAM- MAICh and consultant for international organizations UNEP PAP / RAC and UNIDO and a member of the network " Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC)".

I hold a doctorate in Physical Geography, an MSc in Vegetation Ecology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Academic Practice and a BSc in Forestry. I am a member of the Royal Geographical Society, the British Ecological Society, the International Association of Landscape Ecology, and the International Association of Vegetation Science.  My research interests include the biogeography and landscape processes in Mediterranean islands and mountains, the use of geospatial tools on species, habitats and ecosystem services analysis, landscape ecology and landscape evaluation, and systematic conservation planning. My research has been funded by the EC 6th and 7th FP, H2020, LIFE+, INTERREG, ENPI-CBCMED, ERASMUS programmes and Ministries and Government agencies in the UK and Cyprus.

Key Publications

  1. Vogiatzakis, I.N., Griffiths, G.H., Mannion, A.M. (2003). Environmental factors and vegetation composition, Lefka Ori massif Crete, S.Aegean. Global Ecology and Biogeography 12: 131 - 146

  2. Vogiatzakis, I.N., Mannion, A.M., Griffiths, G.H. (2006) Mediterranean Ecosystems: problems and tools for conservation Progress in Physical Geography 30: 175-200.

  3. Tzanopoulos, J. and Vogiatzakis I.N. (2011) Processes and patterns of landscape change on a small Aegean island: the case of Sifnos, Greece. Landscape and Urban Planning 99: 58-64

  4. Vogiatzakis I.N., Stirpe M.T., Rickebusch S., Metzger M., Xu G., Rounsevell, M, Bommarco R., Potts, S.G. (2015) Rapid assessment of historic, future and current habitat quality for biodiversity around UK Natura 2000 sites. Environmental Conservation 42: 31-40

  5. Vogiatzakis I.N., Mannion A.M and Sarris D. (2016) Mediterranean Island Biodiversity and Climate Change: the last 10,000 years and the future Biodiversity and Conservation 25: 2597-2627

  6. Christodoulou, C.S., Griffiths, G.H., Vogiatzakis, I.N. (2018) Using threatened plant species to identify conservation gaps and opportunities on the island of Cyprus. Biodiversity and Conservation DOI: 10.1007/s10531-018-1572-4

  7. Manolaki, P., Zotos, S., I.N. (2020) An integrated ecological and cultural framework for landscape sensitivity assessment in Cyprus. Land Use Policy 92, p.104336.